The Independent Producers’ Association Convention

The Fifth Annual API Conference -“Il gusto degli altri”- will be held the upcoming October 16th at the Horti Sallustiani as a part of the RomeFilmFest´s Business Street  . The convention, whose complete title is “Directors and Producers: duties and rights. Or rather, My Best Enemy”, aims to take a closer look at the nature and evolution of the producer – director relationship, which has always been critical for the film making process, with a particular reference to the digital market.
Roberto Rossellini long stated that the producer – director relationship could be compared to the  husband – wife one. Antonio Monda will coordinate and moderate an open discussion between producers and directors aimed to establish which harmony, if any, could be reached among them unless they consider each other as a necessary evil.
In the second part of the Conference, coordinated by Laura Delli Colli, the discussion will focus on the evolution and the effect of new technologies and alternative business models over the producer – director relationship. The European (with reference, in particular, to exploitation rights’ entitlement and to the role of the associations of authors and directors) and American (with an in-depth look at the work for hire system, the guilds’ role, and the system of residuals) experience will serve as benchmark to assess which kind of producer – director relationship could be more suitable for the evolution of the Audiovisual Industry .


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