Accreditation applications for the 2019 edition are open from July 5th and should be submitted before October 6th.
A Fest Accreditation provides admission to the Fest official screenings in accordance with terms established by the Fest management (subject to availability).
Fest accreditation is open to the following categories:

Fest Accreditation – Professional
Professional accreditations are open to all Film industry professionals:

  • Actor/Actress
  • Artistic Film Technician (editor, director of photography, production design, costume design, casting, etc.)
  • Author
  • Buyer
  • Composer/Musician
  • Director
  • Distributor
  • Entertainment Law Films
  • Exhibitor
  • Festival
  • Film Commission
  • Film Promotional Organization
  • Press Agent/Publicist
  • Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Talent Agent
  • Technical Industries
  • World Sales


Fest Accreditation – Institutional
Institutional accreditations are open to cultural representatives and personnel of Embassies/Ministry/Institutions:

  • Embassies
  • Institutions


Fest Accreditation – Cultural
Cultural accreditations are open to those who work in the Film sector for a cultural or film-related institution, and to postgraduate students of Cinema and visual culture:

  • Cultural Foundations
  • Film Library/Archive
  • Universities/Film Schools/Cineclub

Each applicant may request a single accreditation, which is personal and non-transferable, indicating one category of activity.
Accreditations will be issued on a limited basis, therefore the application neither constitutes nor guarantees an accreditation. 
Accreditation requests will be proceeded on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Fondazione Cinema per Roma will confirm acceptance of the accreditation request by e-mail.
The issuance of an accreditation implies the participant’s full acceptance and compliance to the 2019 Rome Film Fest Regulations. Any violation could lead to its withdrawal.
Please note that admission to screenings is not permitted to people under eighteen-years of age.
We also kindly remind you that accreditations are issued solely at the discretion of the Rome Film Fest.


Accreditation Fees:
PROFESSIONAL Fest Accreditation €90
INSTITUTIONAL Fest Accreditation €90
CULTURAL Fest Accreditation for professors of Cinema, Film studies and visual culture and Film culture associations €70
CULTURAL Fest Accreditation for University students and Film culture associations in agreement (ANCCI, CGS, CINIT, CSC, FEDIC, FIC, FICC, UCCA) €55
CULTURAL Fest Accreditation for students of Cinema, Film studies and visual culture €40


To proceed and request an accreditation please fill in the online application form available at the link below and provide full and updated  documentation attesting the applicant’s relation to the above mentioned categories of activity. 
Before you proceed with the request, please note you will have to submit the following required applicant’s information and documents:

  • Personal details (name, address, direct line and mobile, email) and a passport-sized photo in jpeg format (in case the applicant has been already accredited at the Rome Film Fest, there is no need to send a new one);
  • For PROFESSIONAL Accreditation: curriculum vitae (eventually including the company profile) or an official letter on company letterhead, signed by the company managing director for which the applicant is attending the Fest, specifying also role and activity of the applicant within the said company.
  • For INSTITUTIONAL Accreditation: curriculum vitae and an official letter on institution letterhead specifying role and activity of the applicant within the said institution.
  • For CULTURAL 70 Accreditation: curriculum vitae and an official letter signed by the institute (for professors); 2019 membership card (for Film culture associations).
  • For CULTURAL 55 Accreditation: a document attesting the 2018/2019 University enrollment (for students); 2019 membership card (for Film culture associations).
  • For CULTURAL 40 Accreditation: a document attesting the 2018/2019 University enrollment.


Forms of Payment
The accreditation may be paid online using a credit card until October 7th 2019, or else by paying in cash or by credit or debit card upon collection.


The accreditation is valid for the duration of the Rome Film Fest, it should be worn, and shown, upon request, to personnel in all areas of the Fest. Should anyone be found wearing a badge other than his/her own, the badge will be confiscated and not returned.

Picking up your accreditation

The accreditation may be picked up upon presentation of a valid ID at the Accreditation Desk at the Rome Film Fest offices.
Address, dates, and opening hours of the Desk will be indicated in the accreditation confirmation letter.
A third party may also pick up an accreditation upon presentation of a written authorization, a photocopy of his or her ID, and a photocopy of the ID of the person applying for accreditation.


MIA – Mercato Internazionale dell’Audiovisivo agreement
Fondazione Cinema per Roma, in agreement with MIA – Mercato Internazionale dell’Audiovisivo – offers its accredited people the opportunity to purchase the accreditations PROFESSIONAL FESTA with a reduction in the following manner:

  • All of those who will have already paid the full price of €250 for the MIA – International Audiovisual Market – accreditation and obtained it will be able to apply for a PROFESSIONAL FESTA accreditation at a reduced price of €80 instead of €90.
  • All participants in the 14th edition of the Rome Film Fest who will have purchased the PROFESSIONAL FESTA accreditation at full price of €90 will be able to apply for the MIA – International Audiovisual Market – accreditation at a reduced price of €240 instead of €250.

Please note that if the accreditation has already been purchased at full price, its refund in whole or in part it is not provided under any circumstances.


Accreditation Office

The above information may be subject to change.





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