ROMAFICTIONFEST |Friday November 13th | Jason Reitman meets the public for a preview presentation of the first two episodes of Casual, the series he directed and produced In Competition Trapped by Baltasar Kormàkur, the director of Everest, Glue by Jack Thorne, one of the most interesting of English auteurs, Deutschland 83, set in the divided Germany, and Mr. Robot, one of last season’s surprises on American television.

Day three of the RomaFictionFest will feature the director of Juno and Up in the Air Jason Reitman: tomorrow, Friday November 13th, at 3 pm in Sala 4 of the Cinema Adriano theatre, Reitman, winner of a Golden Globe for Up in the Air and nominated for four Academy Awards – will meet the public for a master class and receive the Excellence Award. He will present a preview of the first two episodes of Casual, the new series he directed and produced: created by Zander Lehmann, the series is one of the major events of the current season and has already been confirmed for a second season.

Four films in Competition will be screened in Sala 3: at 6:30 pm Klaus Zimmermann, the executive producer of the famous television series I Borgia, will present the first episode of Trapped: against the setting of a small village located deep in an Icelandic fjord, Baltasar Kormàkur (the director of Everest) conjures up a great crime drama, which previewed at the most recent Toronto International Film Festival. At 4:30 pm, audiences are invited to the screening of Episode one of Glue by Jack Thorne, one of the most interesting auteurs from across the English Channel, set in rural England within a community of young people who live a life at the limits of the law, between sex, drugs and alcohol: an exciting English-style crime-mystery drama in which anything can happen. At 2:30 pm, the screening will feature Deutschland 83, the story of a twenty-year old East German who is sent to take the identity of a soldier in West Germany and to work as a spy. Presented at the Berlin Festival, the series is an international hit, broadcast in the United States by the Sundance Channel. At 10:30 pm, there will be a screening of the first episode of Mr. Robot, about the world of hactivism: the series, one of Edward Snowden’s favourites, was one of the surprises of last year’s season in America and has already become a genuine cult television series.

Three titles will be presented Out of Competition: at 8:30 pm, in Sala 3 of the Cinema Adriano theatre, audiences are invited to a preview showing of the 15-minute trailer of the series Il Sistema, directed by Carmine Elia, produced by Fulvio and Paola Lucisano for Italian International Film, to be broadcast on Rai1 in 2016. The cast including the director Carmine Elia, Claudio Gioé, Gabriella Pession, Valeria Bilello, Lino Guanciale, Pio Stellaccio, Flaminia Lera, Thomas Trabacchi, Antonio Gerardi, Massimo Bonetti, Marco Aceti, Sandrone Dazieri, Valter Lupo, Giovanna Koch, Mariangela Barbanente, the producers Fulvio and Paola Lucisano, and Eleonora Andreatta, director of Rai Fiction, will meet the public and will introduce the story of Major Alessandro Luce of the Guardia di Finanza police corps (Claudio Gioè), who has infiltrated organized crime to root out corruption, rigged tenders and drug trafficking: the plots are strangely reminiscent of the collusion between politics and corrupt business that has come to light with the recent ‘real-life’ Mafia Capitale investigations.

At 10:30 pm, Sala 4 will be the venue for the screening of Episode one of Wicked City, a crime series that reflects the format of Fargo, True Detective and American Crime: a different crime each season and an independent story, told across ten episodes. The first season stars Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. At 10:15 pm in Sala 5, the screening will present Buddha: the King of Kings, a historical series featuring a cameo appearance by Kabir Bedi. The actor is a favourite at the 9th RomaFictionFest which, at 3 pm in Sala 6 of the Cinema Adriano theatre, will feature a special five-hour marathon screening to relive the excitement of the Sandokan television series, as part of the tribute to Sergio Sollima.

Several events are scheduled in the Serial Crime and Period Drama sections to be seen in Sala 7 of the Cinema Adriano theatre: at 9 pm, Quantico, one of the best new series of the new season on American television, starring Priyanka Chopra, the Indian Miss World, working her way against the intrigues of the FBI. This will be followed by Candice Renoir 2, a female crime story, starring an intelligent detective divided between her investigative police work and the difficult job of being a mother. At 6:30 pm, two series from Spain: Mar de Plàstico, the investigative series filled with surprise plot twists, preceded by Refugiados, a product of the famous Spanish creative duo Ramòn Campos and Gema R. Neira. At 4:30 pm, for the Period Drama section, there will be a screening of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, starring Richard Madden and Holliday Grainger, the literary classic by D.H.Lawrence adapted for television by Jed Mercurio.

At 8:15 pm in Sala 5, the Young Adult Special section presents the documentary Animeland – Racconti tra Manga, Anime e Cosplay by Francesco Chiatante which gathers the memories, anecdotes and dreams of characters from every walk of life (Valerio Mastandrea, Paola Cortellesi, Michel Gondry, Caparezza, Maurizio Nichetti, Fausto Brizzi), whose imaginations and lives have been influenced by cartoons. At 2:30 pm in Sala 7, the Kids & Teen section will present the screening of Mia and Me,  a perfect blend of live action and CGI animation, a fantastic fairy tale that becomes reality, set in the both the real world and in the enchanting kingdom of Centopia with its elves, unicorns and dragons. At 10:30 am, Sala 4 will feature a special screening for schools of Puffin Rock and Song of the Sea, as part of the programme of the Excellence Award dei ragazzi 2015 at Cartoon Saloon.

In Sala 5 at 4 pm, the Tv on Stage section will present the screening of a television adaptation of In cerca d’autore – Studio su “Sei personaggi” directed by Luca Ronconi, one of the most significant figures in theatre across the second half of the twentieth century, who passed away in February 2015. The film by Felice Cappa will take us into the main theatre of the Centro Teatrale Santa Cristina to participate in the final outcome of the project, not just as spectators but as protagonists. Before the screening, an encounter will be held featuring the director Felice Cappa, Piera Detassis, the artistic coordinator of the RomaFictionFest, and Roberta Carlotto, director of the Centro teatrale Santa Cristina founded by Luca Ronconi.

Two Special Events will take place at the Adriano. The red carpet of the RomaFictionFest will open its doors to one of the greatest volunteer associations, the Italian Red Cross, a partner of the event for social commitment, and become the Red Cross Carpet. Starting at 7 pm at the Cinema Adriano theatre, the evening will be dedicated entirely to the presentation of the new institutional campaign for the Italian Red Cross, “Un’Italia che aiuta”. An advertising campaign intended for the web at the moment, which will go online with two commercials to be previewed during the evening event, which will be posted online with a tweet to the President of the Council of Ministers Matteo Renzi. The event will also feature a screening of a clip from the fiction series “Lampedusa” scheduled for release in 2016, produced with the support of many associations including the Italian Red Cross. To present the series, a video interview with the director Marco Pontecorvo will be screened. At 6:30 pm, the President of the Italian Red Cross Francesco Rocca will walk the red carpet of the Cinema Adriano with a group of volunteers, Red Cross nurses and members of the military corps.

At 6:30 pm, there will be a screening of two episodes from the series The Muppets.

For the Fantastica Rai retrospective, at 10 am in Sala 6 of the Cinema Adriano theatre, the screening will feature La cosa sulla soglia directed by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi. 



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