ROMAFICTIONFEST | Richard Madden at the RomaFictionFest: the Scottish actor presents the new series in which he stars, Medici: Masters of Florence, during a talk with Fest audiences, joined by the series’ producers Luca and Matilde Bernabei, Frank Spotnitz and Rai Fiction chief Eleonora Andreatta

The Scottish actor Richard Madden – famed for his role as Robb Stark in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, which earned him a SAG Awards nomination – will be at the RomaFictionFest to present the new series he’s starring in to FictionFest audiences: Medici: Masters of Florence, which recounts the rise of the Medici dynasty against the backdrop of the Italian Renaissance. The audience event will take place on Saturday, November 14, at 5 pm in Theater 4 at the Cinema Adriano, and the famous “Robb Stark” from Game of Thrones will be joined on the stage by the creator and executive producer of Medici: Masters of Florence, Frank Spotnitz (producer of one of television’s all-time most popular and longest-lasting series, The X-Files, along with Medici producers Luca and Matilde Bernabei and Eleonora Andreatta, director of Rai Fiction. Madden will also be on the red carpet unfurling at the Cinema Adriano at 4:30 pm.

In the new series, Richard Madden plays Cosimo De’ Medici, whose father Giovanni is none other than Oscar®-winner Dustin Hoffman. The series takes a fresh look at the story of the rise of the Medici dynasty, from their start as mere merchants to their heyday as powerful bankers who sparked an economic and cultural revolution and made any number of enemies along the way. In a first, shooting of the series began in Italy, in the very historical locations that were the real stages for many of the events described, such as Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, Duomo and Basilica di San Lorenzo. Director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ((Under the Dome, The Pillars of the EarthBattlestar Galactica and The Bridge) will be directing all the episodes. The eight-part TV series, produced by Lux Vide and Big Light Productions and made in collaboration with Rai Fiction, will be distributed by Wild Bunch TV and broadcast by RAI in Italy. 




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