ROMAFICTIONFEST | November 11st | The 9th Annual RomaFictionFest kicks off today with the premiere of “Lea”, the new political crime drama directed by Marco Tullio Giordana

On Wednesday, November 11, the ninth edition of the RomaFictionFest gets underway. A brand of the Television Producers Association (APT), the fest is produced by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma with the support of the Lazio Region and the Rome Chamber of Commerce, and Piera Detassis as Artistic Coordinator.

The evening event on opening night, at 9 pm at the Auditorium Conciliazione, is the screening Out of Competition of the new TV movie Lea, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana and coproduced by Rai Fiction and Angelo Barbagallo’s Bibi Film Tv, with the support of the Lazio Region’s Regional Fund for Film and Audiovisual Production, and additional support from the Apulia Film Commission.

Marco Tullio Giordana is the director of the film One Hundred Steps, a Golden Globe® nominee and the winner of five David di Donatello awards, as well as The Best of Youth, an excellent example of the osmosis between auteur cinema and serial television, honored at Cannes and then awarded six David di Donatellos. With his new TV movie Lea, he has come up with a powerful political crime drama, civic-minded and a true story as well, based on the tragic story of Lea Garofalo, a victim of the ‘ndrangheta. At 8:15 tonight, the director will walk the red carpet alongside Vanessa Scalera, Linda Caridi, Alessio Praticò, and Mauro Conte.  The ninth edition of the RomaFictionFest will be ushered in by Simona Tabasco, the young mistress of ceremonies who appears as Nunzia in the hit new series È arrivata la felicità.



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