“Angry Indian Goddesses” by Pan Nalin wins the BNL People’s Choice Award

Angry Indian Goddesses by Pan Nalin is the winner of the BNL People’s Choice Award at the 10th Rome Film Fest. The award is presented in collaboration with the long-time Main Partner BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas. The audience cast its votes thanks to an online voting system designed by Xaos.

The first female Indian “buddy movie” – directed by the filmmaker of Ayurveda: Art of Being, the highest-grossing Indian documentary ever – is a fresh and unbridled portrayal of women in India today.

The 10th Rome Film Fest is produced by Fondazione Cinema per Roma. Piera Detassis is the President of the Fondazione, Lucio Argano is the General Manager. Antonio Monda is the Artistic Director of the Rome Film Fest, supported by a selection committee coordinated by Mario Sesti and composed of Richard Peña, Giovanna Fulvi, Alberto Crespi, Alessia Palanti, and Francesco Zippel.

“Women in India – stated Luigi Abete, President of the BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas – are one of the foremost engines of evolution in the country: their commitment and their energy are helping to successfully tear down social and cultural barriers. The BNP Paribas Group perceived this reality as early as 2010, when in the photography exhibition “Women Changing India”, it highlighted their many roles and the contributions they have made to changing society in the Indian continent. In that exhibition, like in the film Angry Indian Goddesses, women are shown in the light of their kaleidoscopic creative energy, making us feel universal emotions. We are very pleased that the audiences of the Rome Film Fest have chosen this film, among the many significant works presented at this edition, because it bears witness to the interest in themes and stories that are far from our own daily lives, giving us food for thought and the opportunity to understand different realities. BNL holds diversity to be a value that must be safeguarded and encouraged in an increasingly global and multi-ethnic society”.

“I am especially pleased that a courageous and revealing film, that sheds light on the condition of women in India, choosing a genre that is traditionally about male bonding, was the one our spectators liked best – commented Piera Detassis, president of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. This result proves that the audiences of the Rome Film Fest are always ready to understand and to reward the most interesting, innovative, and at the same time popular films, from the best of international cinema”.

“Throughout the Fest, our spectators have appreciated the richness of this year’s programme. I am proud and gratified that the quality of the films has been consistently praised by both the foreign and the Italian press – said Antonio Monda, artistic director of the Rome Film Fest.  It makes me particularly happy that this film was voted the winner, because one of the goals I had set for myself was to offer the audience high quality films from all over the world: the Indian film industry is one of the most advanced, and Pan Nalin’s films are among its most stimulating, dynamic, and provocative products. I hope that Angry Indian Goddesses will be released in Italian theatres soon, and that it will be as successful as it was here at the Rome Film Fest.”




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