October 24th: the 10th Rome Film Fest closes with the extended version of the Academy Award-winning film “The Great Beauty”. Carlo Verdone and Paola Cortellesi together for a conversation in the spirit of comedy.

The 10th Rome Film Fest closes today, Saturday October 24th, with the extended version of The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino: at 8 pm (Sala Petrassi), the Academy Award-winning film will be shown with an additional 40 minutes of previously unreleased scenes, in the presence of the cast who will walk the red carpet of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The tribute to Sorrentino will be completed by the documentary Cercando la grande bellezza by Gianluca Iodice, which will be screened at the MAXXI at 5 pm: the film takes viewers on location to the places where Jep Gambardella’s story was set.

The Close Encounters programme presents the final two events in its schedule.

At 4 pm, in Sala Petrassi, Italian actor Paolo Villaggio will meet the audience and present the screening of Il secondo tragico Fantozzi by Luciano Salce, in the version restored in a joint venture by Eagle Pictures and Premium Cinema. At 6:30 pm, Sala Sinopoli will be the venue for the conversation between Carlo Verdone and Paola Cortellesi who are back together, this time on the stage of the Auditorium, following their debut as an artistic duo in 2014 in Sotto una buona stella.

At 9 pm in Sala Sinopoli,Legend by Brian Helgeland is the last film from the Official Selection. Winner of an Academy Award for the screenplay of L.A. Confidential, and an Oscar® nomination for Mystic River, and the director of Payback, Helgeland bases his film on the true story of twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray, two of the most famous gangsters in the history of England who rise to the top of London’s criminal underworld. Born into a family of modest means, they controlled the entire nightclub scene for most of the seventies, until a combination of arrogance, loyalty among brothers, mental illness and a taste for violence brought them down.

The winner of the BNL People’s Choice Award, in collaboration with the Main Partner of the Rome Film Fest, BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, selected by the audience among the films from the Official Selection, will be announced on Sunday October 25th.

The Rome Film Fest completes its tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini with the screening of Pasolini, il corpo e la voce. This documentary by Maria Pia Ammirati, Arnaldo Colasanti, Paolo Marcellini, produced by Teche Rai, which will be presented at 11 am at Studio 3 in the Auditorium, features Pasolini’s most famous and historic appearances on television. Today another tribute is devoted to Luis Buñuel, one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema. The tribute starts at 3 pm at the Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna with the screening of one of his masterpieces, Nazarin, which won a prize at Cannes and was made possible by the participation of some of the greatest artistic and technical talents in Mexican cinema (among others, the remarkable cinematography of Gabriel Figueroa); it continues at 5 pm with the documentary Tras Nazarin, by Javier Espada. The director of the Centro Buñuel in Calanda takes audiences on a journey to discover the locations explored by Buñuel during the shooting of Nazarin, almost sixty years later, using material from the period and interviewing people who were there.

At 7 pm, at the Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna, the last film in the retrospective dedicated to Antonio Pietrangeli, curated by the Instituto Luce Cinecittà and the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia/Cineteca Nazionale: the screening will feature Io la conoscevo bene, his most famous and popular film, winner of three Nastri d’Argento. The “Journey into the Pixar World” also ends with the screening of Finding Nemo by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, preceded by the short film Partysaurus Rex by Mark A. Walsh (at 5 pm at the Mazda Cinema Hall).

At the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, audiences are invited to the second screenings of Sport (Official Selection) at 4 pm, and S Is for Stanley at 8:30 pm, for the tribute to director Stanley Kubrick. The Cinema Alcazar presents repeat screenings of four films from the Official Selection: Girls Lost at 4 pm, The Propaganda Game at 6 pm, Alaska at 8 pm and The Experimenter at 10:30 pm.

At the Sala Trevi, the tribute to Paolo Villaggio will feature second screenings of the restored versions of Fantozzi at 5 pm and Il secondo tragico Fantozzi at 7 pm.

Alice nella Città, the independent and parallel sidebar of the Rome Film Fest, will present Alice in the Cities by Wim Wenders at 11 am in Sala Sinopoli. The official awards ceremony for Alice nella Città will begin at 2 pm, and will announce the winners of the Young Adult competition and the Taodue Camera d’Oro prize for best debut film: the winning films will be screened respectively at 6:30 pm at the Cinema Avorio and at 10 pm at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila. The Cinema Avorio will also feature the screenings of Jack of the Red Hearts at 4:30 pm, of The Answer at 8:30 pm and finally, at 10:30 pm, of Alias Maria.



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