Festival Exhibitions: “Actrices. A tribute to Kate Barry”, “Asia Argento: the Red Witch” and “The Great Beauty”


October 16 – 25, 2014, Foyer Sala Petrassi

Fascinating, dazzling film stars. It is no surprise that the Rome Film Festival chose to host the international debut of this photography exhibition. These portraits bear the signature of Kate Barry. Most of the women are French, some of them, such as Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani, have a strong connection to Italy. Others are of Italian origin, such as Monica Bellucci or Sofia Coppola. Thanks to the talent of this artist, they were made to let their hair down in a way that is rather uncommon. Bringing to light certain clichés, devoid of artifice, sober, and powerful. Born in 1967, the daughter of John Barry and Jane Birkin, Kate Barry died in December 2013. The exhibition, dedicated to her memory, is a tribute to her life’s work. Curated by Aline Arlettaz, journalist and photographer, the exhibition is produced by the Institut français in partnership with Roman de Kermadec, son of the artist. The Institut français, which is supported by Axa, will also be responsible for the international circulation of the exhibition.



October 16 – 25, 2014, Press Room (accredited press only) and Foyer Sala Santa Cecilia (until October 21)

Asia Argento: la strega rossa (The red witch) is a book of photographs published by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale (Experimental Cinematography Centre – National Film Archive) and Edizioni Sabinae. The book focuses on Asia Argento’s multifaceted talent, tracing a complete picture of her artistic, professional and spiritual world, not just in images from her films, but drawings, stories and private photos by the artist. One section of the book is dedicated to a report by Stefano Iachetti, author of the book, on the sets of Era di marzo and Incompresa. The photographs portray the artist in action and show her truer, less glamorous side, so far from the transgressive pop icon we are accustomed to, and are also featured in the exhibition installed in the foyer of the Sala Santa Cecilia and in the press room – Spazio Risonanze. The book will be presented during a meeting between the artist and her public.



October 16-25  Foyer Sinopoli

Women from high society, politicians, high-class criminals, actors, fallen noblemen, high prelates, artists and real or presumed intellectuals, weave a pattern of flimsy relationships, cocooned in a gilded Babylon that inhabits ancient palazzi, outsized villas and the most beautiful terraces of the city. Jep Gambardella, a worldly, disenchanted writer and journalist, observes this human parade, vacuous and jaded. The strain of excistence disguised as deceptive, absent-minded fun. And in the background, Rome, in the summer, ravishing and indifferent. In the Foyer Sinopoli, an exhibition open to the public will feature 150 photographs selected from the pictures taken during the shooting by Paolo Fiorito as well as the film’s original frames. The exhibition, curated by Giorgio Restelli, is promoted by Mediafriends and the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, with the contribution of Medusa and IndigoFilm. All the works on display will be offered in exchange for a donation, the sum of which will contribute to funding a project by nonprofit organization FIRA Onlus, to support young Italian researchers. Organized by the MocArt Gallery



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