‘Nacido y criado’: Fathers and sons yet again in Cinema 2006

Born and Bred (Nacido y criado) is the latest offering on one of the most repeated themes of the films in the Cinema 2006 section: the traumatic relationships between parents and children, a subject already broached in Fu Zi – After This Our Exile, L´aria salata and Armenia.
Young Argentinean director Pablo Trapero (born in 1971) presented his fourth feature today, in competition at the RomeFilmFest. The press conference was also attended by actors Federico Esquerro and Martina Gusman, Argentinean producer Rocio Freire-Bernat and Italian producer Rosanna Seregni.
Shot between Buenos Aires and Patagonia, the film tells the story of Santiago, who escapes to Patagonia after a family tragedy. His travels make up the central element of a film that Trapero calls “a journey towards the void. This is where the film’s title comes from: ‘nacido y criado’ means that everyone belongs to a place, there where they were born and raised. Yet 90 percent of the people who live in this part of Southern Argentina are not from there, they come from other regions. They try to forget their previous life, like Santiago. It think it’s made very clear in the film’s dialogue, in a scene when one of the main characters asks Santiago, immediately upon meeting him: ´¿Vos a quién cagaste?, which means ‘Who did you screw over?´”
In the film, Santiago runs away leaving behind his daughter. Thus, Trapero said, “this relationship is a truly universal theme: we are all someone’s children…or someone’s parents.”
After having presented his previous films at festivals such as Cannes and Venice, Trapero decided to present Born and Bred at the RomeFilmFest. Producer Seregni: “It was a decision we all made together, to gamble on this festival.”


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