Monica Bellucci returns, more mother than star

“It is difficult to speak of cinema on a day like today,” said Monica Bellucci during the presentation of the film The Stone Council by Guillaume Nicloux, referring to the dramatic accident in Rome’s Metro. Her role in the film is an unusual one for “La Bellucci”, both for its dramatic nature and her image: short hair and feminine, not at all sensual or provocative.
“The director wanted me to be more French than Mediterranean,” said the actress, who plays Laura, who discovers unexpected strengths and a readiness to sacrifice herself for her adopted son. After suffering from hallucinations, Laura loses her boy, who was kidnapped. To get him back, she takes a voyage to the ends of the world and reality.
The Première section film, based on the eponymous novel by Jean-Christophe Grange, will be presented this evening in the Sala Santa Cecilia at 8 pm.
“I give my body to cinema, whether I’m shooting a nude scene or making myself ugly and have bags under my eyes as in this case. I’d be monotonous if I always looked the same,” explained Bellucci, who added that, as a mother, when she shot the film she understood very well the anguish of losing a child. “We shot for three weeks in Mongolia and my daughter was still small, so it was very difficult for me to be far away from her. Perhaps this helped me tackle the role, I really didn’t feel well. I didn’t even manage to enjoy Mongolia, a wonderful place with beautiful landscapes and welcoming people”.
Director Nicloux said he adapted the character of Laura to the Italian actress. “I preferred adapting the role to the idea I developed after reading the book, and as we worked together, we transformed it all the more, giving her this androgynous aspect”.
Both then spoke of Sibylle, the character played by Catherine Deneuve, who does not come across very well. “Youth is not synonymous with beauty,” said the director. “There are women who become more appealing with wrinkles. I was attracted by the confrontation between two beautiful women such as her and Monica”.
“Catherine Deneuve,” concluded Bellucci, “gives life to a difficult character and allows herself to be destroyed. But this is our job, we don’t always want to appear beautiful and perfect”.


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