Extra: the brand new areas of the imaginary

The Extra section is the most multifarious and hybrid space at the RomeFilmFest. It is the home for any format and every technology, on celluloid or video, from documentaries made in the farthest flung corners of the globe to computer animation exploring and charting new realms of the imagination. All works presented will be firsts: fictional features, animations, innovative investigations and reports from around the world, works made with computer graphics or filmed concerts. In addition you can find a cutting-edge, innovative television line-up made together with the satellite TV channel CULT; a tribute to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York; and a series of special events including workshops open to the public and meetings with authors. All this will be supplemented by the presentation of unseen material by confirmed international directors, plus a focus on the audiovisual professions, giving the public the chance to discover both traditional film sets and their high-tech counterparts, increasingly used in this age of the digital image.
So, flicking through the Extra programme, audiences can find items ranging from the biography of Kurt Cobain (an unseen, intimate and moving portrait of the rock icon who committed suicide in 1994, narrated by the cult youth legend himself in Kurt Cobain about a son), to the fake funeral eulogy of Cattelan (in E´ morto Cattelan! Evviva Cattelan), from cinema made on computer to the latest advances in videogames (the Machinima), from the great theatre of Ariane Mnouchkine (Le dernier caravanserail) to documentaries made by American soldiers in Iraq (War Tapes) and the latest film by Zhang Yimou shot in remotest China (Riding Alone for 1000 miles), from the sci-fi satire by Corrado Guzzanti (Fascisti su Marte) to comic-book fantasies reminiscent of Sin City (Renaissance). Extra is the place for the cross-over of cultures and formats, a surprising showcase of everything that can be made using images and sound, whether for the computer or television or the big screen itself.
“People who’ll be attending Extra”, explains Mario Sesti, the creator and director of the RomeFilmFest together with Giorgio Gosetti, “will come away with an idea of the new frontiers open to those creating something innovative and different in the audiovisual arts”.
As part of Extra, there will be a premiere presentation of a few scenes from Dear Anne, the film reconstructing the real life of Anna Frank using more than 40,000 photographs of the little girl and the Amsterdam in which she lived. Then there are 35 minutes of unseen footage by Paradzanov, discovered by accident in the old workshops used by the great Georgian director to edit Sayat Nova (Reminescenze su Sayat Nova). Other Extra highlights include the Beastie Boys concert-film made using footage recorded by 50 different fans during the same concert (Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That!); the documentary about one of the world’s most interesting contemporary photographers (Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project), whose shocking images of her own children sparked off controversy in Britain.
If that weren’t enough there’s Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (on the making of the famous jazz musician’s latest record, featuring world famous names like Christina Aguilera, Sting, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon and Annie Lennox), as well as Sartoria Tirelli – Vestire il Cinema, a portrait of Umberto Tirelli’s internationally renowned tailors used by hallowed names from Italian cinema like Bertolucci, Tornatore and Zeffirelli.


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