RomeFilmFest: tickets pre-sale from September 27th

Tickets for the RomeFilmFest can be purchased from September 27th for the screenings held at the Auditorium Halls -Santa Cecilia, Sinopoli, Petrassi and Teatro Studio- as well as the Metropolitan Theatre. The tickets can be bought personally in the Auditorium Box Office or online with LIS (Lottomatica Italia Servizi), a company of the Lottomatica group dedicated to the online ticket sales.
The Auditorium Box Office, placed in Viale de Coubertin, will be open everyday from 11 am through 6 pm, while the purchase through LIS can be made anytime on or in their official ticket shops (a list of them can be easily downloaded from the above mentioned website). Besides, it will be possible to buy the tickets by phone at the following telephone numbers: +39 06 37 001 06 (from abroad) and 199 10 97 83 (within Italy).
The prices of the tickets for screenings at the Auditorium and the Metropolitan theatre range from 3 to 7 €, depending on the time of the day, either afternoon or evening, and on the festival section. The performances of the Premiere section at the large Santa Cecilia Hall after 8 pm cost 10€, while for the Cinema 2006 section (which includes the Competition and the Out of Competition subsections) at the Petrassi Hall the price is 7€.
More information on the pricing structure is available on the official RomeFilmFest website, where you can find a scheme of prices depending ont the time of the day, the section and the concessions. Besides, there are two info phones 06 4549 6767 and 06 4549 6776, available everyday from 8 am to 8 pm until September 30th. After October 1st available everyday from 8 am to midnight.
From Sunday October 16th on, the RomeFilmFest films will be screened in theatres both in the city of Rome and its Province. In Rome, the hosting cinemas are Broadway, Antares, Galaxy, Tristar and Ostia’s Cineland Multisala, whereas the Province cinemas which will take part are Palma (Trevignano), Multisala Politeama (Frascati), Planet Multicinema (Guidonia) and UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo. The price for these screenings is 4€ anytime for any film and the purchase options depends on the venue.


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