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New Cinema Network (NCN)
, the Festival’s co-production market, will present a roster of 27 projects, selected by the committee composed of Marco Müller, Marie-Pierre Duhamel and Laura Buffoni along with the staff of New Cinema Network, to the most important exponents of the international film industry. Not only will it feature a larger number of projects than last year, the 2014 edition of NCN will also award a richer array of prizes.


Eurimages – the Council of Europe’s Film Fund confirms its important participation, and recognizing NCN as one of the most important and successful European co-production markets, entrusts its jury with the task of selecting the winner of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award, a cash prize of 30,000 euro for the development of the project that most specifically reflects the criteria of collaboration and co-production that inspire Eurimages.

New Cinema Network is proud to present one of the most important new features in the 2014 edition, the UNICEF Italia Special Mention, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent. The Special Mention will be attributed to the Italian project that represents the stories, the dreams and the lives of children most effectively and most delicately, giving a voice and a face to children’s rights everywhere in the world.

The synergy between New Cinema Network, which is an incubator of tomorrow’s talents, and UNICEF Italia, which has always been sensitive to the relationship between cinema, culture, creativity and childrens’ and adolescents’ rights, is intended to support initiatives that prove able to promote knowledge and exchange as the keys to achieve freedom, inclusion and serene growth for the development of individuals and society as a whole.

The Cubix Award will be conferred to the best emerging European producer: a cash prize worth 5,000 euro, it is funded by the Cubix International company to support a quality production during the delicate phase of project development. As for the selection, this year NCN will present a selection of some of the most interesting and original auteurs on the international scene. They will range from Haile Gerima (Child of the Breast), the Ethiopian director who won the Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival in 2008 with the acclaimed film Teza, to the French poet and filmmaker F.J. Ossang (9 Fingers), whose work has been acknowledged by festivals all over the world (Cannes, Buenos Aires, Rotterdam among others) and has been the object of many prestigious retrospectives in the most important theatres and cultural institutions; from Markus Schleinzer (Angelo), the Austrian auteur whose previous film, the acclaimed Michael, was presented in competition at Cannes in 2011, to Toomas Hussar (The Spy and the Poet), director, screenwriter and actor whose debut film Mushrooming was a box-office hit in his country, and also won many international acknowledgments (in Karlovy Vary and Toronto, among others); from the young Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk (Volcano) to Montasser Hegazy and Marianne Khoury who will participate with Ghosts of the City, a politically-inspired musical inspired by the finest cinema of master Youssef Chahine, who in fact will be the producer with his MISR International Films. The production team of Quod Erat Demonstrandum, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2013 Rome Film Festival, presents Charlton Heston, a project with which Romanian producer Andrei Cretulescu takes his place behind the camera. From Colombia comes the project Oscuro Animal by Felipe Guerrero, the filmmaker who conquered international festivals with his debut film Paraiso, while Argentina is represented by Hernan Guerschuny, an emerging talent who will present the project entitled Break. Thanks to its new and consolidated partnerships, NCN will feature 6 projects from some of the most prestigious platforms on the international market. From the Sundance Institute come Peruvian filmmaker Alvaro Delgado Aparicio with the project Retablo and Logan Kibens (Operator), a successful artist, director and screenwriter who has won many acknowledgments including the HBO/DGA Directing Fellowship. Selected in collaboration with the London Production & Finance Market is Driftwood Valentine by Giovanni Maderna, one of the most interesting voices in the panorama of young Italian auteurs (who won an award in Venice and is highly appreciated on the international film festival circuit, from Locarno to New York). From the new partnership with the Durban FilmMart, comes the project Alex on Seventh by Engelbert Phiri, a promising South-African director; while thanks to the historic collaboration with L’Atelier – Cinéfondation de Cannes, NCN presents Oil on Water by Newton Ifeanyi Aduaka, nominated by The Independent as one of the 50 best living African artists, and winner of the United Nations Prize for Peace and Tolerance; Jenneke Boeijink will participate with the project entitled Porcelain, representing the valuable partnership with CineMart in Rotterdam.

The response of Italian auteurs and producers to the NCN call was incredibly positive this year: the roster of international projects is thus complemented by a vast array of Italian talents.

Fabio Mollo returns to NCN with White Shadows after his presentation of South is Nothing in 2010, with which he conquered international audiences and critics alike; the winner of the 2013 Marc’Aurelio d’Oro, Alberto Fasulo, presents his new project Menocchio; Marco Simon Puccioni, the applauded director nominated for the David di Donatello for Best Debut Film, following his latest acclaimed film Come il vento, presents The Hamlet Method at the NCN; the Zapruder filmmakers’ collective, a pioneer in the production of stereoscopic films, continues its work on the edge between figurative, performance and film arts with the project Sosia.

In the 2014 official selection, for the first time, New Cinema Network presents Le Grandi Bellezze, the ‘Great Beauties’:a section dedicated to projects that promote Italy as an ideal partner for the production of films from all over the world, reinforcing the central role and importance of Italy as both an ideal territory for locating projects, and as support for production and funding. With the goal of implementing and promoting opportunities for funding and co-production with Italy, le Grandi Bellezze presents a collection of 8 projects. Among them, NCN is proud to introduce Ombra Amore, the new project by Joe Dante who, with his usual dose of humour, his love of cinema and horror films in particular, presents a love story between a vampire and a werewolf in underground Rome, populated by strange creatures. The other Grandi Bellezze selected by NCN are: In Which Land You Die, a project set in Rome by Egyptian director Ahmed Maher, a multifaceted artist and winner of the Gran Premio di Roma for artistic film creativity; 1313 – Dante’s Emperor – who imagines a meeting in the present day between Henry VII and Dante, set in the villages of Tuscany – by Bady Minck, an artist and director from Luxembourg, who has won many awards for both her work in film and for her visionary works of art; Nessun Dorma (the tormented story of Puccini set in the most suggestive locations in Italy) by Yim Ho, one of the leaders of the Hong Kong New Wave, who has won acknowledgments at some of the major international festivals, including the Silver Bear in Berlin in 1996. The Manetti Bros., following their success with Song’è’ Napule, will participate with the project The Bizzare Journey of the Soul Traveler, an adventurous journey half spy story half martial arts film, in a collaboration with Chinese producer Du Yuling; Paolo Benvenuti, a screenwriter, director and producer who has always been involved with the world of art, presents Caravaggio’s Secret; Sheng Zhimin, an emerging talent in Chinese cinema, winner of an award in Locarno for his debut film Bliss, brings to NCN Il fu Mattia pascal, in the first Chinese adaptation ever of Pirandello. In Duetto, Bruno Barreto, one of the most famous Brazilian directors, tells of the imaginary encounter, during the Festival di Sanremo in 1967, between a young Brazilian girl and singer Luigi Tenco just a few hours before his death.