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Enviromental and social action Festival

“No woman should risk her life to give life” is the message behind AMREF’s international campaign STAND UP FOR AFRICAN MOTHERS, supported by the International Rome Film Festival, which will host an event of the ONLUS organization in the Auditorium’s Cinema Village. In Sub-Saharan Africa, one out of every 16 women dies in pregnancy or childbirth (in Europe, one out of 30,000); 70% of African women have no access to prenatal medical care; half of all births occur without any medical assistance whatsoever (95% in Sudan). Over one and a half million African babies lose their mothers every year.
AMREF’s campaign Stand Up for African Mothers is working to increase universal awareness of these problems and the role of the woman for the health of the community. By 2015, AMREF will train 30,000 obstetricians in Africa, to reduce maternal mortality by 25%. Caterina Murino is the campaign ambassador.
“We want to build a future in which African women are in control of their own bodies and can make their own choices, can decide when to have a child or if they even want one. A future in which they have access to medical care during pregnancy and childbirth.” -

A.N.G.E.L.S. - Associazione Nazionale Giovani Energie Latrici di SolidarietÀ
A.N.G.E.L.S., the National Association of Young Energies to Promote Solidariety, is the onlus that puts into practice the healthcare aims of the International Convention on Children’s Rights. Its activities include health care in Italy for sick or seriously wounded children who come from war zones as well as initiatives that promote peace and solidariety between peoples. A.N.G.E.L.S. collaborates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Army and Air Force to assist young patients and their families; for medical treatment it works with the Lazio Region and Rome’s Università degli Studi “La Sapienza”. On November 3rd at 7 pm, in their own Roman residence, the Palazzo Ruspoli, the Prince and Princess Ruspoli will invite select guests to contribute to saving the lives of sick children awaiting treatment provided by A.N.G.E.L.S. To take part in this exclusive solidariety event, please write to or phone 06.97657109 with your complete personal information so you can receive your invitation to present at the door. During the cocktail reception, there will be a draw for artworks donated by Italian, Israeli and Arab artists.
Palazzo Ruspoli, via Fontanella Borghese, 56 - November 3rd at 7 pm – tel. 06.97657109 -  

During the Festival, an evening event will be dedicated to the ‘Every One’ campaign, to raise awareness of the tragic annual statistics for child mortality: almost 8 million victims under 5 years old. The stars of the films in the Festival line up, along with Save the Children ambassadors, will walk down the red carpet holding red balloons, one for the life of every child. Every 4 seconds a child dies from preventable causes: postnatal complications, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, and measles, all of which could be avoided with simple low-cost solutions such as vaccinations, mosquito netting, and antibiotics. To reduce child mortality and bring help to the world’s remote areas, in 2009 Save the Children launched the Every One Campaign, a concrete commitment to saving 500,000 children’s lives each year by 2015.

On October 28th Telethon will host a gala fundraising evening at the International Rome Film Festival for research on genetic diseases, preceded by a guided visit to the MAXXI – National Museum of the XXI Century Arts. The illustrious members of the film and business world attending the gala events will contribute to raising money to support research on genetic illnesses. In over 20 years of activity, Telethon has raised over €350 million for research, backed the work of over 1,400 researchers and financed more than 2,200 projects on over 450 pathologies. In this time, Telethon researchers have achieved important results that include finding a cure for ADA-SCID, a grave congenital immune deficiency, and launching promising clinical studies on numerous other serious pathologies. Through careful management of its
finances and a strictly meritocratic method of fund allocation, Telethon is today synonymous throughout the world with Italian excellence and represents a concrete hope for patients and their families.
But there is still much to be done in defeating genetic diseases.
Casina Valadier, Villa Borghese - Piazza Bucarest, Roma - October 28th - tel. 06.39746222 – 06.39746185 –   –

WWF brings sustainability to the International Rome Film Festival. The 2011 Special Environmental Award “Urban City-GreenStyle” is dedicated to sustainable lifestyles and honors the film that best conveys just how our daily choices can get the world on track toward a more ethical future, one more sustainable and more respectful of the planet’s resources. To get the rising generation involved, the WWF presents two original films made for and by young people, each of which boasts an exceptional cast. The first is a short directed by Luca Argentero, a surreal video game aimed at a world losing all contact with nature; the second is the cartoon Il Paradiso può attendere (Heaven Can Wait), scripted by the kids themselves, produced by WWF and Mondo Home Entertainment and voiced by Luca Argentero, Gabriella Pession, Francesco Facchinetti, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti, Francesco Venditti, and Andrea Di Maggio. With the distribution of this film WWF will get needed support for its defense of Italian forests.  

JTI and the International Rome Film Festival have more in common than their commitment to quality cinema; they both have the environment at heart, and they take concrete steps to make the Festival audience more aware of green issues and environmentally sustainable behavior.
From October 27th to November 4th, the 600,000 film aficionados who attend the International Rome Film Festival will have over 100,000 reusable, washable pocket ashtrays at their disposal at the Cinema Village and other Festival venues. The ashtrays will be distributed by JTI in collaboration with the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, as a way to concretely promote responsible behaviour and respect for the eco-system on the part of the smokers in attendance.

The Fondazione Cinema per Roma, traditionally committed to respecting and protecting the environment, is participating in Carsharing, managed by the Agenzia per la Mobilità. Car sharing is a new form of individual-yet-shared transportation and sustainable mobility. With an annual subscription and by reservation, citizens can freely access cars parked in lots throughout the city without having to own their own vehicle. Each car is placed at the disposal of subscriber and may be used by more people during a single day. Car sharing contributes to improving the quality of life in cities by lowering polluting fuel emissions, considerably reducing the urban space occupied by cars and contributing to the development of a more rational and environmentally sustainable culture of mobility.

The International Rome Film Festival continues its promotion of parallel events and sensitization campaigns on social issues. Among the Festival’s many initiatives this year, one in particular targets the young. Students from scientific and classical high schools from Italy’s regional capitals will get a chance to try their hand at filmmaking, with a short film that offers a healthy and proper perspective on the topic of nutrition. The project acknowledges the fundamental issues sustained by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and aims to stimulate teenagers’ creativity with regards to the consumption and awareness of Italian fruit. Students can explore all the ways to use video to create a promotional campaign on seasonal fruit in Italy. The work will be evaluated by the Festival’s Artistic Direction and the most interesting shorts will screen in the Alice nella città section dedicated to young audiences.

The Sigma-Tau Foundation presents a conversation with Stanley Ulijaszek, Antonio Monda and Enrico Derflingher. When the subject is food, is the UK still hamstrung by the clichés that cast the country in such a bad light? From the wellness-minded to the pathological, the Sigma-Tau Foundation has arranged a rumination on food as portrayed on the big screen, an appetizing but also scientific event on October 29th at 5 pm. Taking his cues from a selection of film clips on the theme, in an attempt to get at the truth about nutrition, Antonio Monda will conduct the discussion between Oxford University’s “anthropologist of obesity”, Stanley Ulijaszak, and master chef Enrico Derflingher, who cooked for the Queen herself for years. Over the course of history, food and the way it is presented and consumed have become a metaphor for existence at its most elemental: the need for nourishment, in order to grow and stay healthy. This meeting between the cinematic imagination and a rigorous scientific framework is what will fuel the debate organized by the Sigma-Tau Foundation.
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Studio 3 - October 29th at 5 pm

The Association "L'Università cerca lavoro" (University seeks jobs), founder of the International theme based short film Festival "Tulipani di seta nera - un sorriso diverso" (Black silk tulips - a different smile), will be awarding the "A different smile" Prize for excellence in cinema during the International Rome Film Festival. The prize will go to the film artist or director of the film taking part in the 2011 International Rome Film Festival that will have distinguished itself for a performance or plot that focuses its attention on the value of physical, economic, ethnic, religious and sexual diversity of the human being by underlining the positive role it plays in society.
The prize will be awarded by a Jury coordinated by the journalist Nino Petrone, chaired by the RAI Social Action Department and which will include important universities, press and film critics. The Jury will also see the participation of the Department of Culture, Art and Sport of the Regione Lazio, Medusa Film SpA, RAI Cinema, Consequenze, Blindsight Project and Indicinema. All communication will be coordinated by the press officer Paola Comin. The three Nominations will be announced the day before the event opens and the Prize will be awarded during the final Awards Ceremony.  
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