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Hotel Lux

Directed by Leander Haussmann

Original title:
Hotel Lux
Lingua originale:
German, Russian, English


  • 29.10.2011
    h 16:30, Santa Cecilia
  • 30.10.2011
    h 22:30, Moderno Sala 4
  • 31.10.2011
    h 20:00, Moderno Sala 4
Nazi Berlin, 1938. Comedian, womanizer and cabaret actor Hans Zeisig (Michael “Bully” Herbig) always cracks up his audiences with his Stalin-Hitler show, performed with his close friend and acting par tner Siegfried Meyer (Jürgen Vogel), a Jew. Hans plays the Russian dictator, Siegfried the Fuhrer. With the political atmosphere changing, Meyer soon joins the Resistance. A few years later, the politically uninterested Hans has to flee, after having given shelter to Siegfried';s beautiful Communist comrade Frida (Thekla Reuten) one night. Convinced he';s headed to Hollywood, he lands instead in Moscow, at the infamous Hotel Lux. There, in the legendary “lost paradise” of the Comintern, surrounded by spies and informers, true Communists, fanatics and impostors, because of a secret service error, Hans lands the role of his life – as Stalin’s personal astrologer. Encouraged by the dictator';s support and swept up in the events, he quickly realizes, however, that he';s jumped from the frying pan into the fire: hidden microphones are recording his every word and Stalin starts playing a dangerous game with Hans. A life and death adventure begins. The real protagonists of history roam the hallways of the Hotel Lux in this blend of vaudeville and satire.


Leander Haussmann (Germany, 1959), son of actor Ezard, attended the Ernst Busch Theatre School in East Berlin. He was the theatre director of the noted Schauspielhaus Bochum, also writing and acting in several plays from 1995 to 2000. An unconventional and uninhibited actor, Haussmann made his feature directorial debut with the adaptation of the theatrical hit Sun Alley (1999), winner of the Cinema film magazine’s Audience Award for Best Director. Also popular and successful were Herr Lehmann (2003) and NVA (2005), for which he won the DIVA Award for Best Director. In 2010 Haussmann received the Ernst Lubitsch Award for the film Dinosaurier (2009).


Michael "Bully" Herbig, Jürgen Vogel, Thekla Reuten, Valery Grishko, Alexander Senderovich, Juraj Kukura


Screenplay: Leander Haussmann – (based on Uwe Timm and Volker Einrauch’s motifs)
Cinematography: Hagen Bogdanski
Editing: Hansjörg Weissbrich
Production Design: Uli Hanisch
Costumes Design: Ute Paffendorf
Music: Ralf Wengenmayr
Producer: Günter Rohrbach - Corinna Eich
Co-producer: Michael “Bully” Herbig - Burkhard von Schenk - Maria-Theresia von Seidlein - Barbara Seiller - Tom Spieß - Matthias Triebel - Oliver Vogel - Rainer Windhager
Production: Bavaria Pictures (Germany)
Co-production: Beeplex Film Productions (Germany)- BSI International Invest (Germany) - Colonia Media Filmproduktion (Germany)- herbX film (Germany)- LI Produktion (Germany)- Little Shark Entertainment (Germany)- Pirol Film Production (Germany)- Rainer Windhager Film Production (Austria)
International Distribution: Bavaria Film International (Germany)

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