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Yoyochu-Sex to Yoyogi Tadashi no Sekai

Directed by Masato Ishioka

Original title:
Yoyochu - Sex to Yoyogi Tadashi no Sekai
Lingua originale:
English, Japanese
english title:
Yoyochu in the Land of the Rising Sex


  • 01.11.2010
    h 16:00, Sinopoli
  • 30.10.2010
    h 20:00, Teatro Studio
"Yoyochu" is a kind of nick name, shorten form of calling Tadashi Yoyogi by name. He has been known as a father of "Adult Video", Japanese pornography. He once was a flower arranger and a mob before becoming a pornographer. Tadashi Yoyogi is a seeker after truth on 'love making'. This documentary explores his unique, quixotic approach to sexual acts and relations between sexes.


Masato Ishioka (Japan, 1960) graduated from Meiji University, majoring in politics and economics. He completed an apprenticeship under Tadashi Yoyogi before founding his own production company. His first feature film Scoutman (2000) premiered at the Venice Film Festival. He received the New Director Award fom the Japanese Director’s Guild in 2001. In 2005, he co-wrote and co-directed Tokyo Noir with Naoto Kumazawa, about young women who study or work in offices by day, but work in the sex industry by night.



Tadashi Yoyogi


Direction: Masato Ishioka
Cinematography: Kyuhei Tsubakihara, Ken Nishikawa, Masato Ishioka
Editing: Toshihide Fukano, Masato IshiokaMusic: Hideo Goto
Production: Gold View Co., Ltd.
International Distribution: Gold View Co., Ltd.
Print Source: Gold View Co., Ltd.
Sound: Ken Morikawa